HTML like C (sort of)

I have been forced into editing the HTML file  that becomes my first E-book…WORD’s conversion leaves issues that Kindle’s tools don’t fix. Dragged in, kicking and screaming…figuratively…I was shocked to realize that there is a strong parallel in what makes readable C and readable HTML…and WORD doesn’t do it! The file produced may be technically correct but the equivalent of C’s curley braces { and }…perhaps <p> and </p> or <span> and </span> were scattered anywhere in the file…no starting a new line for readability or any such nonsense!

The only plus is that the converter to MOBI format seems very robust and forges ahead even when there are missing tag closures. I suppose I could just leave it when it looks good enough on the previewer,but I have the fear that some time later on some yet-to-be-developed reader, those warnings will come around and bite me! 

Good programming practice never goes out of style.

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