C and the 8051 is a 460-page, ~7 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ soft-cover book produced on a POD (print on demand) basis by a printer (Lightning Source) with plants in Tennessee in the USA and in the UK. Any copies you order will be produced and shipped from the nearer location. Single copies list for $39.00 US plus postage from the print location and should be produced within 2 weeks. Multiple copies for bookstores and other resellers are available at a discount–contact the me for details. 

To order the book directly from AMAZON (for ~$26US; free shipping?) click here.

For bookstore reference: ISBN 978-0-9783995-0-4

to contact the author  (for questions about bookstore/resale quantity orders, personal technical questions, comments about the book, to request an educator examination copy, or just to chat): Mailing Address: Wood Islands Prints, 670 TCH RR1, Belle River, PE C0A 1B0 Canada Phone: (902) 962-3335 Email:

to contact silicon Labs (to purchase the 8051F020 target board and development kit for $79US plus shipping) click here.