How about writing a guest post?

I admit it… my attention has wandered from electronics since I retired almost a decade ago… you can follow the link to Wood Islands Prints if you want to see where my attention has gone. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the small but steady number of purchases of my C and the 8051 book that have continued despite the older version being (illegally) available on line and, I understand, a scanned version of the current edition as well. If you are economically challenged you have my blessing to go that way even though producing a paper copy must cost about as much as buying the official, nicely-bound book.

But I digress. I am starting to wonder what has been happening in the embedded microcontroller field lately. Have very high levels of integration made efficiency obsolete? Are high-end processors driving out the ‘ancient’ 4-bit processors? Has assembly language and C been replaced by very high-level languages in the field? Has surface-mount made most discrete electronics obsolete? These are the questions that plague me… on those rare occasions when my attention comes here.

So, what I am hoping is that some of you…from the at-least 10 visits a day, there must be someone listening… will come forward to offer guest posts on what has happened and where you think the embedded control field is going. I will be happy to edit whatever you provide if writing is not your strong suite, and surely give you full credit. If you are interested, contact my via email at

Shifting to Disqus for comments

I am trying the Disqus plug-in for comments in hopes that it will encourage more comments and block the multitude of spam that I have to delete every day. If it asks you for a login or some special procedure, my experience is that only once will do it for all sites that use it, but if you have trouble, please email me at


Web site traffic!

I have no idea who is out there visiting this site, but I find 15-20 visits a day…double or triple the visits to the other three sites I maintain. What really confuses me is the fact that no one adds comments here and I haven’t put up new posts for weeks, yet the visits continue. Granted the site has been in existence for over a decade, but other than being directed to buy the book or the target microcontroller board, there seems to be no basis for such regular traffic!

If you are visiting I would welcome any hints as to why you arrived here…unless you are spamming with ads for purses or Viagra!

Moderated Comments Only

I am getting strange (no follow) comment traffic with no written content and nothing to do with my posts or the site, so I am forced to require all comments to be moderated. I apologize for the delay for those of you with actrual comments–I have no desire to limit friendly (or critical) comments, and anything on topic will be approved. I will try to approve every day.

A new e-book?

In checking if this (newly moved) web site was coming up on search engines, I did a search for the title, C and the 8051. It was a surprise!

I have known for some time that my ex-publishers chose to (illegally) permit the third edition on Google books and that someone had scanned in the entire 4th edition (also illegally). After chafing for a bit and exploring what steps might be necessary to fight it, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort. Those who want to Xerox about 500 pages will find it costs as much or more than buying the official book and still leaves them without a cover or binding. Continue reading

Revising a very old web site

Cleaning Up!

I have finally gotten a way to access my old web information and will shortly include the original information as well as a blog/comment thread. I have fixed the ancient links that no longer lead to the right supplier pages. I may even some day get to finishing the answers to the book questions!

Talk to me

I have no feedback about my book–who is buying it, what they think of it, and what is most useful. I encourage you…if you have an interest in 8051-family development…to comment here. I have plans to regularly blog about the history of embedded micro development (you wouldn’t believe how ancient I am) as well as posting comments that were not suitable to the book itself. The only feedback I get these days is the sales numbers from the printer (a few tens of copies each month), so I “covet” your comments. Continue reading