How about writing a guest post?

I admit it… my attention has wandered from electronics since I retired almost a decade ago… you can follow the link to Wood Islands Prints if you want to see where my attention has gone. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the small but steady number of purchases of my C and the 8051 book that have continued despite the older version being (illegally) available on line and, I understand, a scanned version of the current edition as well. If you are economically challenged you have my blessing to go that way even though producing a paper copy must cost about as much as buying the official, nicely-bound book.

But I digress. I am starting to wonder what has been happening in the embedded microcontroller field lately. Have very high levels of integration made efficiency obsolete? Are high-end processors driving out the ‘ancient’ 4-bit processors? Has assembly language and C been replaced by very high-level languages in the field? Has surface-mount made most discrete electronics obsolete? These are the questions that plague me… on those rare occasions when my attention comes here.

So, what I am hoping is that some of you…from the at-least 10 visits a day, there must be someone listening… will come forward to offer guest posts on what has happened and where you think the embedded control field is going. I will be happy to edit whatever you provide if writing is not your strong suite, and surely give you full credit. If you are interested, contact my via email at